Church History


Where two or more are gathered.....

Our congregation had its beginnings in the late summer of 1952 when a few people gathered at a sandy beach in Manor Park on a Sunday morning to pray. A few weeks later, there were eight families assembled around a few picnic tables and soon Sunday school classes began for the children. This multi-denomination community continued to grow and began to seek a shelter.

In 1955 a small cottage located at 5915 Lakeshore Road was purchased. With the demise of Lakeside Park pavilion came first raw material – wood that was used to transform the cottage into our first home of worship. Men, women and children pulled and hammered out old nails from the boards so others could renovate the structure. Women provided lunches for the workers.

Three families signed personal loans for additional materials. Local organizations and churches, such as Westminster and First Presbyterian, offered encouragement and support. The Lakeshore Mission Church was served by the Rev. Benjamin Heideman for one year. Our first pastor was a student, the Rev. James Hill, who served 1957-58. He was very helpful in the organization of our growing church.

The little community continued to develop and grow. We were officially organized as a congregation within the United Presbyterian Church, N.A. in 1961 with 93 charter members during the pastorate of the Rev. Stanley V. Anderson. The manse was also purchased. Fifteen years later we had to sell the property to make way for the Detroit Metro Department water tunnel. In 1969 nine acres of land was purchased at 5235 Lakeshore. It was at this location that our current church was constructed and then dedicated on October 11, 1970 under the pastorate of Rev. Hubert Sunderman.

The Grace of God personal sacrifices, abundant hope, and hard work have made it possible for the ministry we have today.

To God be the glory, Great things He has done.